Take Home Stars On The Water


Cost $10.00

plus shipping

Song List

  1. I will Play for Gumbo

  2. She Caught the KT

  3. Gypsies in the Palace

  4. Three little Birds

  5. The Tiki Bar is Open

  6. A Pirate Looks at 40

  7. I Call Your Name

  8. First Look

  9. Down in the Boondocks

Sampler Songs



Cost $15.00 plus shipping

Song List

1. Living on an Island

2. Someday Isle

3. Mermaid

4. Song of Nelly

5. Gamble's Guitar

6. What Happens In Key West Never happened

7. Livin' on the highway

8. Dark side of the island

9. Parrotheads in paradise

10. Someday soon

11. tiki torches



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Stars On The Water

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San Diego Based Buffett Style Band



Stars On The Water is a Local San Diego Band with a Powerful History